To mark the end of Kodachrome 64 I stashed a few rolls away with the aim of publishing a photo-a-day for 64 weeks.  There is no set theme to the pictures, they are of everyday unspectacular moments, the strangeness of things overlooked. I suppose it was about taking pictures for their own sake, enjoying the moment, the click of the shutter and the challenge of finding the best vantage point, coupled with a limited supply of film.

Inspiration came from the many 365 projects on the web as well as the great William Eggleston's Democratic Forest, where everything is worthy of a picture, mixed with a dash of nostalgia for colour slides. And if you don't get that, just watch this scene from the sublime Mad Men.

On the left you can see an edit of 64 frames from the 64 week project, or you can visit Flickr to see all 448 frames.

The series is also now available in book form via the Blurb website. Follow the link below to find out more.

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